The Capital Flows Report is one of the IIF's flagship publications and is generally issued three times a year: in January, and around the time of the IIF Spring and Annual Membership meetings (usually May/June and October).

The report provides data on the magnitude and composition of private capital flows to (and from) a sample of 30 key emerging market economies in the four major regions. We produce forecasts for the current year and the year ahead. The report also provides analysis on the factors driving those flows and considers both likely and desirable policy shifts.

The data are widely used and referenced in the press and the international financial community. For more detailed information on our capital flows data, please consult our User Guide, which answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) and explains key concepts used in our report. If you would like to receive our reports and data when they are released or if you have questions about capital flows, please contact Robin Koepke.

Capital Flows Publications