IIF Equity Advisory Group

The IIF's Equity Advisory Group (EAG) works to promote sound corporate governance practices in emerging markets by:

  • Promoting the IIF Code of Corporate Governance (IIF Code)
  • Assessing emerging market corporate governance frameworks (Country-specific Reports)
  • Consulting stock exchanges to improve equity markets (GEM Assessments)

In February 2002, the EAG published the practical IIF Code of Corporate Governance, which offers guidelines for governments, regulators, stock exchanges and companies from an investor's perspective. The aim of the Code, which was revised in May 2003, is to help reinvigorate investment flows to emerging markets while also contributing to financial market depth, performance and stability. The EAG is working through regional and country-specific task forces to advance implementation of the Code in key emerging market countries.

The EAG's strategy for promoting implementation of the IIF Code is country-focused. To this end, the EAG has set up task forces to publish country-specific reports.

Equity Advisory Group Member Firms

AllianceBernstein, Ltd.
BNP Paribas
Capital Group International, Inc.
Citigroup Investments, Inc.
Citigroup Venture Capital
Deutsche Bank
First Eastern Investment Group
Fitch Ratings
Franklin Templeton Investment
Kyobo Securities Co., Ltd.
National Bank of Kuwait, S.A.K.
Rexiter Capital Management, Ltd.
Standard Bank London
Templeton Asset Management, Ltd.
UBS Securities South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
UBS Global Asset Management