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Viewing, Printing, and Saving PDF Files

The documents listed in the IIF Report Catalog are stored in PDF format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view or print (we recommend the latest version). The reader is available in many different languages and for use on all operating systems free of charge from Adobe.

Emerging Market Research

On the Emerging Markets regional pages, you have two options:

1. View and/or print documents directly from the web.
Click on the file format indicator next to the title you wish to see. If the reader is installed, the document will appear in the Acrobat Reader window. If the reader is not already installed, or if your browser does not know where to find the reader, you must at this point either save the PDF file or point your browser to the location of the Reader.

Once you see the document in the Reader, you may print it by clicking on the printer icon in the plug-in (if viewed in the browser), or through the Reader’s File|Print menu. Be sure to print using the Acrobat print menus and not the print menu in your browser.

2. Save the document for reading at a later time.

Click on the format indicator next to the title you wish to see. If the files appears in the Acrobat Reader, you may save it from there. Alternatively, you can right-click on the red dot and choose “Save target as…” if using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or “Save link as…” if using Netscape or Firefox.

Downloading Data

You may retrieve custom data sets through our Data Retrieval Tool. Select the economies, the data series, and the year range in the appropriate boxes (hold down your ctrl-button while you click to select multiple items in each box), then click the download button to get the data. You may save the file to your computer or open it directly from our site. You must format the first column to a full date style to see the data upload date.

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