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Status: Will be live at 08/01/2018 22:50

EM Portfolio Flows Tracker 4.0 Methodology

  • Launched in March 2014, the IIF EM Portfolio Flows Tracker is a monthly indicator that provides estimates of non-resident portfolio debt and equity inflows to 25 key emerging markets.
  • Our estimates in “Tracker 4.0” reflect significant methodological improvements, building on our recently expanded set of daily flows series, EM bond issuance and EM stock market performance.
  • Tracker 4.0 includes estimates for non-resident portfolio debt and equity flows to China. While China’s inclusion does not change the overall trend, it does boost our already-strong 2017 EM flows aggregate.
  • The new Tracker 4.0 estimates will continue to be released each month as part of the IIF’s monthly Capital Flows Tracker and will be available to download for IIF members on our website. We will release our July estimates on August 2, 2018.