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Status: Will be live at 12/07/2018 12:48

FRT Episode 19: Live from RiskMinds - Agility and Transformation

At the RiskMinds International conference in Amsterdam, Marcus Chromik (Chief Risk Officer at Commerzbank) and Harold Marcenaro (Head of Digital Risk at Banco del Credito de Peru) join FRT, sharing some of the key insights that they presented on during the conference.

Marcus and Harold stress the need for banks to make more effective use of both the people and the data that they have, highlighting opportunities for upskilling staff and effecting change with agile developments that use small teams and focus on customers and networks. Critically, the emphasis for staff shifts increasingly to interpreting data, where the greater focus was once on expert judgement.

The onset of the digital age has fundamentally changed customer expectations. In this context, it is more vital than ever to focus on the what works for the customer, and this is also true for the Risk Management function.