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Status: Will be live at 09/05/2019 09:30

FRT Episode 47: Quantum Computing

Michael Brett

Quantum Computing is moving along the development curve from labs and universities into commercial R&D. As corporate expenditure on Quantum Computing hardware accelerates, the realization of this technology’s potential gets nearer, with significant opportunity for financial services. Michael Brett, of Rigetti Computing, discusses the advantages quantum computing can bring to large optimization problems, such as portfolio construction and fraud detection.

Michael also discusses the market landscape, noting that where Quantum is a ‘cloud-first’ technology, the opportunities are likely to be greatest for those institutions that have invested more heavily in their Cloud strategies. In explaining the technology’s benefits and limitations, he also discusses encryption, and where future developments could impact how data is stored and protected today.



Looking ahead on FRT, we will look further at Facebook’s Libra digital currency initiative, and Huw van Steenis will join us to discuss the Bank of England’s recent ‘Future of Finance’ report.

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