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Status: Will be live at 12/30/2019 15:43

FRT Episode 56: InsureTech with Allianz CRO Tom Wilson

Allianz CRO Tom Wilson provides his insights on the impacts of InsureTech disruption on business models, both in the potential for incumbent firms, such as in big data for better segmentation and pricing, as well as for new disrupters. He elaborates on the economics of the insurance business model, identifying the specific parts of the value chain that are profitable and subject to less regulation, looming as the most attractive target for disruptors.

Tom also discusses the emerging field of cyber insurance, highlighting it as a potential growth sector, though with its concerns on the way that it may lead to the accumulation of exposures to specific bad actors. Tom links this growth to the shift in the economy from an emphasis on the physical property, moving more towards services and Intellectual Property.

Recorded during the 2019 IIF Annual Membership Meeting, this episode is an extract from a broader discussion between Tom and the IIF’s Mary Frances Monroe. They also discuss insurance regulatory topics and the priorities of the IIF’s Insurance Regulatory Committee in the full conversation.