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Status: Will be live at 04/28/2020 11:00

FRT Episode 66: COVID-19 and Data Policy

David Hardoon, former Chief Data Officer and Special Advisor for Artificial Intelligence at the Monetary Authority of Singapore shares his insights on the key issues in data policy, and how these will be shaped by the current COVID-19 experience. David discusses the role of data in solving the current health crisis, including in the deployment of important solutions such as contact-tracking and vaccine development, and the need for us to consider the values of privacy and societal good beyond absolute terms.

David highlights the criticality of data connectivity across borders, both in health solutions and for ensuring business continuity, for avoiding or minimizing further disruptions. He also highlights some of the other key issues in data policy that need to be confronted in the years ahead, including how data might be taxed, and how to ensure it is used ethically.