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Status: Will be live at 06/30/2020 11:48

Cloud Computing: A Vital Enabler in Times of Disruption

Cloud computing is currently playing a key role in enabling operational continuity through the COVID-19 dislocations, with its role as a risk mitigant even more compelling and demonstrable in the midst of this global challenge.

Underpinned by case studies from the current crisis response, this paper explores how cloud architecture represents a key element to effectively manage the new scenario generated by the pandemic, supporting a resilient infrastructure and overcoming the bandwidth limitations of traditional architectures. The elasticity and scalability characteristics of public cloud, in addition to the ability of cloud workloads to be available via the public internet on an “any time any place” basis and beyond other clear and demonstrated benefits, have made this a powerful tool for firms using public cloud in responding to such a global and disruptive environment.

While it’s fair to recognize that most financial institutions are still in early stages in the cloud adoption process, we need to acknowledge that the COVID-19 has been an accelerant of all digitalization strategies where cloud appears, as covered in the paper, as a key enabler.