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FRT Episode 75: The COVID Catalyst

Where COVID-19 has forced radical changes in customer behavior and moved significant portions of the economy online, it has also unlocked hidden potential for financial institutions, stripping away many of the barriers that organizations traditionally face in their digital transformation journeys.

The IIF-Deloitte series Realizing the Digital Promise examines the four fundamental shifts brought on by COVID-19 that have accelerated digital transformation in the financial services industry, and the IIF-Deloitte project team discusses the implications and potential responses with industry experts Ulku Rowe (Google Cloud), Jaco Grobler (First Rand Bank) and Andres Wolberg-Stok (Citi).

Ulku, Jaco and Andres help review our supplemental report ‘COVID-19 catalyzes and accelerates transformation in financial services’, sharing their insights on how firms have ensured continuity, the infrastructure needed to support the new services customers expect beyond the crisis environment, and the proactive initiatives firms can take to help thrive in ‘the new normal’ that lies ahead.


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COVID-19 Supplement: 6 Future Implications

COVID-19 Supplement: No-Regret Actions to Seize the Moment