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Status: Will be live at 12/07/2020 10:24

FRT Episode 82: The Platform Economy with KPMG’s Anton Ruddenklau

KPMG Global Co-Head of FinTech Anton Ruddenklau discusses the expanding role of platforms in the digital economy, explaining some of the different platform models that are currently emerging in financial services.

Amidst this platform transformation, Anton emphasizes the importance of a partnership mentality, highlighting the need for a mindset of sharing and thinking of the adjacent, building an ecosystem that is underpinned by supportive economic models with revenue-sharing. He also explores the increasing convergence occurring across industries, and commonalities from finance to auto manufacturers and retailers.

Anton also highlights some of the emerging trends to look for in 2021, including the growing focus on ‘decacorns’, alignment with societal objectives towards greater inclusion, and continued evolution and re-training in the SME community.