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Status: Will be live at 06/17/2021 14:04

Realizing the Digital Promise Briefing Note

Transformation in an Ecosystem of Regulators, BigTech, FinTech and More

This briefing note summarizes the key topics that emerged during our "Realizing the Digital Promise" webinar on June 3rd. Featuring banking, tech, and official sector practitioners, the panel explored main themes from the latest IIF-Deloitte report on digital transformation, transformation in an ecosystem of regulators, BigTech, FinTech and more, including the rapid evolution of the financial services ecosystem, the blurring of traditional industry and regulatory boundaries, and the need for greater global convergence in data regulation. 

Looking ahead, we will be publishing a supplement paper in our "Realizing the Digital Promise" series that will provide a “call to action” on how best to address the issues identified in the latest report and allow the full potential of the digital economy to be realized. In developing this supplement, we will hold a series of focus groups with private and public sector leaders. To participate, please contact Mina Loldj ([email protected]).