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Status: Will be live at 09/13/2021 13:17

Global Assured Identity Network White Paper 

The IIF is pleased to co-publish the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) white paper, with the other participants of the Open Digital Trust initiative and 150+ co-authors from across the global Digital Identity community. 

The lack of verified Digital Identity presents an urgent problem and a meaningful opportunity for society. Digital engagement is a key driver of economic growth - and inclusive participation in the digital economy requires access to high-trust identity verification services.

The paper proposes a shift towards a user-centric and high-trust identity paradigm. Instead of logging in directly, an End-User asks a trusted and regulated provider (e.g., their bank, telecommunications provider, or another regulated entity) to verify that they are the person and/or have the credentials that they claim. Rather than managing over 100 passwords, people will bring their identities with them and exercise greater control over data about them. This high-trust identity assurance, therefore, introduces an accountability layer to the internet even as it increases privacy and security. 

There is a great opportunity for financial institutions to catalyze a collaborative effort to develop the GAIN. This plays into core strengths, puts capital-hungry assets to work, and staves off disintermediating threats. Financial Institutions have done this before: they built global rails for trade, cards, digital payments, and securities. Institutions who recognize that Digital Identity is a critical frontier for the global economy will drive this transformation.

We welcome all feedback, and all expressions of interest for the GAIN Proof of Concept, via [email protected]