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Status: Will be live at 02/07/2022 14:48

FRT Episode 114: Digitizing Finance for Women’s Empowerment

In this episode of FRT, we hear from Andy Woolnough, Executive VP of Global Advocacy, and Sonja Kelly, Director of Research and Advocacy, from Women’s World Banking, discussing digital solutions for financial inclusion and innovation.

Pioneering research for women’s economic empowerment, Women’s World Banking focuses on Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India where the majority of the 1 billion women who remain outside of the formal financial system reside.

While financial inclusion is a broad term encompassing many different topics, Women’s World Banking pursues research and programs that enable women not only in achieving their financial goals, but ultimately support SMEs, reduce gender inequality gaps, and promote economic growth.

Andy and Sonja discuss topics ranging from government lending programs to climate change to algorithmic biases, with the common theme of the imperative need for women’s inclusion and empowerment in the financial system.