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Status: Will be live at 12/19/2022 10:00

Interim report – The ecosystems imperative

The ecosystem imperative is part of the paper series Realizing the Digital Promise series with Deloitte. It builds on the insights we’ve received from more than 200 senior and C-suite executives, transformation leaders, thought leaders, investors, regulators and government officials we have interviewed over the past 3 years.

The ecosystem imperative interim findings report provides a list of findings regarding the importance of ecosystems in the digital finance sector, how these ecosystems are created and the different roles and responsibilities there are.

The digital transformation of financial services is extending activities into broad ecosystems with new players and shifting roles. The public and private sector can benefit from a better understanding of the implications of these trends in the future of finance. Specifically, evolutions in sectoral competitive dynamics, macroeconomic disruption, and the proliferation of emerging technologies are driving a renewed imperative to engage in ecosystem activities.

Six critical themes for financial services executives that have emerged from this work are:
1. Value propositions
2. Partnerships
3. Roles and responsibilities
4. Business Models
5. Capabilities
6. Internal and external implications
If your firm is interested in participating in the upcoming phase of this project, please reach out to Daniel Mendez Delgado ([email protected])