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Status: Will be live at 05/28/2024 08:00

GRU Podcast: Findings From the 2024 IIF/EY Global Insurance Risk Management Survey


In this episode of the IIF Global Regulatory Update podcast, we host Stuart Doyle, Principal, Global Financial Services at EY, to discuss findings from the inaugural IIF/EY Global Insurance Risk Management Survey.

The discussion centers around the five major takeaways from the survey, which included nearly 70 institutions in the insurance sector: 
•    What Chief Risk Officers (CROs) can do to engage in transformation and enable responsible risk-taking
•    How strong risk management can set the foundation for advanced capabilities
•    Strategic investment in tech and talent top the investment agenda when resources are tight
•    What CROs can do to prepare for the full impact of AI - both across the insurance business and within their own operations
•    How the CRO role is evolving alongside the changing insurance business model and risk landscape
The podcast discussions also spans a number of other topics from the survey findings, including the importance of the CRO role in the C-suite; how to foster innovation while ensuring data security; approaches to combatting third-party risk; reflections on the findings from the inaugural Global Insurance Risk Management Survey compared to the Global Bank Risk Management Survey – another annual collaboration between the IIF and EY; potential blind spots in the industry, and more.

The full IIF/EY Global Insurance Risk Management Survey can be found here.