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CEEMEA Views: Hungary - Growth Remains Robust

Strong domestic spending has kept output above potential, intensifying inflation pressures. Weaker foreign demand should allow policies to remain accommodative in the near term. Labor shortages and reduced access to EU funds will be the main medium-term challenges. 

GRU Podcast: Global Regulatory Developments around Recovery and Resolution

Dr. Eva Hüpkes, Acting Head Regulatory and Supervisory Policies at Secretariat of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), spoke with the Institute of Int...

IIF feedback on FSB Evaluation of Too-Big-To-Fail reforms

The IIF has submitted a response to the FSB’s Call for Evidence. We urge the FSB to consider specific issues during its evaluation, including market fragmentary trends around the implementation of the TBTF reforms. 

IIF letter to G20, FSB and IOSCO regarding Market Fragmentation

The IIF has submitted letters to the G20, Financial Stability Board and IOSCO commending their commitment to address the increasing levels of fragmentation in financial markets. 

FRT Episode 42: Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves

Riksbank Governor Stefan Ingves discusses Sweden’s “cashless” economy, the potential eKrona digital currency, and the importance of staying the course in regulatory developments (with Brad Carr).

All About the Green, Episode 2: Marisa Buchanan, Executive Director of Sustainable Finance at JPMorgan Chase

The newest episode of our “All About the Green” podcast takes a look at the important topic of reporting on climate and ESG risks and oppo...

Global Macro Views: Nonsense Output Gaps and Labor Markets

A common opposing view to our nonsense output gap series is that employment has almost fully recovered, so how can a substantial amount of labor market slack remain? Rising labor participation among women flatters the picture, which we filter out by looking at prime-age male employment. Our work points to still significant slack in Spain, Italy and Greece.

IIF Series on Digital Identity – Key Concepts

The IIF is engaging in a thematic, 3-part series of papers on Digital Identities, covering AML frameworks, financial inclusion and business opportunities. 

FRT Episode 41: IIF Machine Learning Roundtable

The IIF 2nd Machine Learning Roundtable was held in Frankfurt on June 19 hosted by Commerzbank, and speakers Kerem Tomak (Commerzbank), and Farhaad Amod (Nedbank) join us to share their top takeaways (with Brad Carr, Natalia Bailey, and Adrien Delle Case).

Economic Views: The Drivers of EM Current Accounts

We scan current accounts from a savings-investment angle, analyzing the contributions of public and private imbalances. Argentina’s external imbalances are mostly fiscal in nature, while Turkey’s are driven by a credit-dependent private sector. South Africa and Colombia run twin fiscal and external deficits.




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