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Economic Views: Turkey - Upside to Growth in Turkey

Our estimates suggest that last year's failed coup attempt has reduced output by as much as 4%. The recovery has been very strong, however, mainly due

Economic Views: Improving Budget in Poland

The central government budget shifted to a surplus after the first six months of 2017.' The budget is likely to slip back into a deficit as the early

Global Macro Views: The US Unemployment Rate is Going Lower

We update our assessment of the labor market following the latest round of data for August. ' We project the U-3 unemployment rate in a range of 4.0 -

IIF Capital Flows Tracker: Profit-Taking hits EM Equity Flows

We estimate that non-resident portfolio inflows to emerging markets slowed to USD16 billion in August EM Asia (USD6.1 bn) and Latin America (USD 5.9 b

August IIF Insurance Update

The newsletter is designed to provide a monthly update on IIF insurance activities and events, and highlight other relevant IIF publications or relate

Global Macro Views: Trends in EM Reserve Accumulation

We examine how EM reserve accumulation has fared in recent years. We compare the average pace of reserve accumulation from 2010 - 2014 to that since t

Global Macro Views: Global Value Chains and Trade

We showcase the importance of Global Value Chains (GVCs) for world trade. Using granular trade data, we determine that US trade balance with the rest

IIF Dispatch: Update from Malaysia

Improved Performance Amid Challenges Our recent visit found the diversified economy lifted by a firming in both domestic and external demand, althoug

Weekly Insight: Game of Chicken

"¢ Markets-overlooking the risks "¢ How inflated are equity market valuations? "¢ Junk bond issuance goes boom "¢' EM rally taking on a more cautious

September 2017 Capital Markets Monitor: U.S. Corporates' Net Debt - An Uneven Burden

US non-financial corporate debt is at a record high of $13.7 trillion-problematic despite record cash levels For the 3000 US firms in our dataset, net



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