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FRT Episode 82: The Platform Economy with KPMG’s Anton Ruddenklau

As the ‘Platformization’ of finance gathers pace, KPMG Global Co-Head of FinTech Anton Ruddenklau talks us through developments in partnerships, the necessary mindset shifts, cross-industry convergence, and the emerging FinTech trends to look for in 2021.

China Spotlight: The Digital RMB is Still a Form of Cash 

Currently, the digital RMB (DCEP) is designed to be strictly cash-like with no interest payment and distributed by commercial banks to minimize the risk of disintermediation. Its impacts on banks, monetary policy, and RMB globalization depend on how the design will evolve. 

Machine Learning Governance Summary Report 

The IIF’s Machine Learning Governance Detailed Survey Report details the results of our comprehensive survey on the end-to-end governance of the machine learning development and implementation process within the global financial services industry.

IIF Provides Two Additions to the Toolkit to Facilitate Voluntary Private Sector Participation in the G20/Paris Club DSSI

To support debtor countries requesting debt service suspension from their private creditors, we have published Summary Terms for a Voluntary Debt Serv...

IIF Publishes an Addendum to the Terms of Reference for Voluntary Private Sector Participation in the G20/Paris Club DSSI

This Addendum references the recent extension of and modifications to the G20/Paris Club Debt Service Suspension Initiative through June 30, 2021, providing a similar extension of/modifications to the private sector Terms of Reference.

Weekly Insight: A Closer Look at Debt Buildup in Mature Markets

We have added new enhancements to our debt tracking framework for mature markets, improving the comparability of our debt estimates—especially during periods of large swings in GDP, as has been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic; Using this method, global debt is estimated to reach nearly $275 trillion in Q3 2020—some $2.5 trillion higher than our previous estimate

GMV: Devaluations and Export Volumes

We’ve been writing about beneficial effects from currency devaluations, ... which – when they are large – help rebalance current a...

FRT Episode 81: Social Media Security, Surveillance and Ethics, with DeepView CEO and Founder Catherine Parry

Catherine Parry, Founder and CEO of DeepView, outlines the key trends in social media security and online surveillance technologies that have emerged through the COVID ‘Work From Home’ era.

Capital Flows Tracker: The Snapback (November 2020)

Portfolio flows to EM stood at $76.5 bn in November. Equity and debt inflows were $39.8 bn and $36.7 bn. China equity flows posted $7.9 bn in infl...

Economic Views: EM External Financing Needs in 2021

Most EM trade deficits are unusually small at the moment, … as exports recovered quickly but imports remain depressed. In this context, cur...



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