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Economic Views: China’s Recovery from the COVID-19 Shock

We look into China’s recovery from the COVID-19 shock. Our activity tracker points to positive y/y growth in Q2. Industry and manufacturing ...

FRT 71: Managing Risk and Using Data Ethically

Deem Finance CRO Torsten Kleine Buening joins us to discuss the ethical use of data and preserving customer trust, and the implications of the COVID experience for technologies such as digital identity and machine learning.

ESG Webinar Series: Assessing Financed Emissions in Investment and Lending Portfolios

Giel Linthorst, Director Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure, Guidehouse; Executive Director, PCAF, joined Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, Global Policy Initiatives, at the IIF for this week's edition of the IIF ESG Webinar Series.

The Big Questions: Ep. 7 - The US Labor Market with Chief Economist Robin Brooks

Managing Director and Chief Economist of the IIF, Robin Brooks, joinsThe Big Questions again this week to discuss what he sees as a "painful and slow" US labor market recovery post-COVID-19.

GMV: Exchange Rate Valuations after the Storm

The COVID-19 shock is reshaping the EM landscape dramatically. Current account deficits have turned to surplus in many places, ... as imports comp...

LatAm Views: Policy Space Disparities

Exchange rate flexibility has eased the adjustment to COVID-19 in most large countries. However, “fear of floating” is still high across Central America and the Caribbean. While local market financing is increasing, countries have largely had to borrow in hard currency to help withstand the shock.

IIF Capital Flows Tracker: Flows Continue to Recover

Portfolio flows to EM stood at $32.9 bn in June. Equity and debt inflows were $9.5 bn and 23.5 bn. EM x/ China equity flows post marginal gains. ...

Macro Notes: South Africa - Issuance to Rise as Investors Return

The Supplementary Budget Review shows higher deficits and quickly rising debt. Nonetheless, foreign investors returned in May and yields have fallen sharply. A credible consolidation strategy is needed in October to sustain investor interest. Plans hinge on cuts to non-interest spending that will be difficult to implement.

Cloud Computing: A Vital Enabler in Times of Disruption

This paper explores how cloud architecture represents a key element to effectively manage the new scenario generated by the pandemic, supporting a resilient infrastructure and overcoming the bandwidth limitations of traditional architectures.

Economic Views: Financing Mexico’s Fiscal Deficit

We study the financing of the fiscal deficit in Mexico. In the past, foreigners funded sizable fiscal deficits, … but now they are retrench...



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