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FRT Episode 65: ABA Innovations for Smaller US Banks

Rob Morgan visits FRT to share how the American Bankers Association (ABA) initiatives are helping smaller US banks access business innovations.

CEEMEA Views: The COVID-19 Shock to Emerging Europe

COVID-19 is projected to bring about a 4.7% output contraction in 2020. This is partly the result of the looming deep recession in the Euro area. Virus containment measures will also lead to weaker domestic demand. Markedly wider fiscal deficits could intensify debt sustainability concerns.

IIF Letter To IAIS On Avoiding Measures That Would Abrogate Existing Insurance Contracts

This letter from IIF President and CEO, Tim Adams, to the IAIS comments on legislative proposals that would require the payment of business interruption or other insurance claims notwithstanding the fact that the contracts in question often do not cover pandemics such as COVID-19, and some contracts in contain specific pandemic exclusions.

GRU Podcast: McKinsey & Co. on the Importance of Enabling and Strengthening Cyber Resilience

Merlina Manocaran and Soumya Banerjee of McKinsey & Company spoke with Martin Boer of the Institute of International Finance to discuss the key findings of our joint IIF/McKinsey survey and research project on cyber resilience.

Weekly Insight: G20 Calls Time Out On Debt Service

G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) calls on creditors to freeze debt repayments for poorest nations upon request; External debt in DSSI-eligible countries tops $750 billion, $510 billion of which is long-term external public sector debt; DSSI-eligible countries face external debt service payments of some $140 billion in 2020

GMV: COVID-19 and EM Depreciation Pressure

The COVID-19 shock has hit emerging market currencies hard. Lots of comparisons are being made on who has been affected more. Those need to allow ...

Macro Notes: COVID-19 Policy Response in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are being hit by a combination of macro shocks. The key challenge is to avoid medium-term growth being impacted. A way to accomplish this is to use available monetary and fiscal space. Flexible exchange rates can and should act as automatic stabilizers. As COVID-19 continues to spread, we worry that more will be needed.

IIF Insurance Update - April 2020 

The April edition of the Insurance Update provides targeted updates on IIF insurance activities and events, and highlights relevant IIF publications or related regulatory developments in other fields. 

Economic Views: EM Fiscal Risk under COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis will widen EM fiscal deficits, … raising risk for those facing high borrowing needs, … or relying heavily on bon...

Oil Market: Substantial Cuts In Production Will Halt Falling Oil Prices 

The OPEC+ bloc agreed to cut oil production by a record 9.7mbd. Assuming full compliance, we expect Brent crude to average $40/bbl in 2020. Cuts will last through April 2022, at lower levels. Major non-OPEC+ producers will cut by up to 3.5mbd. Inventories should peak in Q2 and then drop in H2. 




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