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Lebanon - Some Light at the End of the Tunnel 

Lebanese authorities have developed a five-year comprehensive reform program, which could be supported by the IMF’s Extended Fund Facility. If implemented effectively we expect the macroeconomic situation to stabilize and an orderly debt restructuring, though significant challenges remain. 

IIF Sovereign Debt Webinar

This webinar addresses some of the significant questions about the credit implications of private sector participation in the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI)—in particular, whether in-scope countries can achieve suspension or payment deferral without triggering negative rating actions on country and bond ratings.

GRU Podcast: New Challenges in the Supervision of Global Insurers

IIF Insurance Lead Mary Frances Monroe discusses with Jonathan Dixon, IAIS Secretary General, the IAIS response to COVID-19 and how IAIS priorities are shifting as we recover from the global pandemic.

Sustainable Debt Monitor: Social Bonds to the Rescue 

In this special quarterly supplement to the Global Debt Monitor, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable debt markets (bond and loans), with comprehensive coverage of more than 150 countries across all sectors. 

Weekly Insight: G20 DSSI: What’s Owed to Private Creditors?

DSSI-eligible sovereigns owe nearly $13bn in debt service payments to external private creditors from May 1st to end-2020; However, only 26 of the 73 DSSI-eligible sovereigns have outstanding Eurobonds, comprising a total stock of some $70bn; Eurobond debt service through the end of this year amounts to $4.9bn, of which interest payments represent $3.7bn

Frontier LatAm: External Financing Risk Amid COVID-19 

COVID-19 has increased external funding challenges despite moderate borrowing needs. Notwithstanding oil price relief, collapsing remittances and tourism will weigh on current account receipts. While some countries have tapped global debt markets, uncertainty over financing sources remains. 

GMV: COVID-19 and EM Stabilization

We have documented record outflows from EM in the March “sudden stop.” Sentiment has shifted notably since then, with massive Fed easing...

FRT Episode 67: Managing Risk Through Pandemics and Transformation

Peter Deans outlines the ’52 Risks’ framework that he has developed from his extensive career as a Chief Risk Officer, and relates this to the scenarios of a pandemic and digital transformation. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding quantification biases, and ensuring operations are versatile.

IIF ESG Webinar: Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions

IIF Managing Director, and Head of Sustainable Finance, Sonja Gibbs speaks with Nate Aden, Senior Fellow at World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI), about science based targets for financial institutions.

Macro Notes: BoP Shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa

COVID-19 presents a challenge to BoPs in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Lower commodity prices will sharply reduce exports in many countries. Dependence on tourism and remittances will also have a negative effect. C/A deficit financing is going to be challenging due to risk-off sentiment. Multilateral funding can cover some gaps, but solvency is an issue as well.




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