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FRT Episode 20: Innovation in Trade Finance

Trade finance is a business line ripe for innovation, and Mike Hogan (MUFG) and Richard Chenga-Reddy (Standard Chartered) join FRT to discuss how to modernize, with a fascinating case study in Japan and many opportunities for distributed ledger technology (Brad Carr).

Heat Map of EM Vulnerabilities

The Heat Map is constructed to compare relative vulnerabilities across countries and is used for analyses in our publications such as the Global Economic Monitor and Capital Flows Report, in particular to assess'  the cross-country impact of higher risk aversion or increase in Fed policy rates, especially in EMs with external vulnerabilities and less credible policy frameworks.'

December 2018 Global Regulatory Update and Podcast

The December 2018 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on current work streams in regulatory capital, recovery and resolution, accounting, cyber security, digital finance, sustainable finance, AML/CFT, insurance, and upcoming events.

Oil Market: Still in “Wait and See” Mode

Sentiment on oil prices remained weak amid doubts that the planned production cuts will be enough to rein in oversupply, and as investors suspect that OPEC+ would honor their pledge to cut production. We expect Brent oil prices to average $67/bbl in 2019 if the OPEC+ agreement is fully implemented.

Weekly Insight: Centrifuge

U.S.: $1.5tn in student loans present fiscal risks; $1tn in leveraged loans vulnerable to rising interest rates ; Banking flows to the UK weaken since the Brexit referendum; Inflation under control in most key EMs; but central bank independence under scrutiny in many countries; RMB gains as a global reserve currency; foreign investor demand for bonds shifts from China to other EMs

Global Macro Views: Capital Flows and EM Positioning

Foreign capital flows to EM are a key, but incomplete, part of the positioning story, since they capture buying and selling, but not all the valuation changes in between. We unveil a new database that adds valuation changes to our existing flows work, giving, to our knowledge, the most complete and up-to-date EM positioning snapshot.

Romania: Growth Moderates

Activity will weaken as the fiscal stimulus reaches its limit and consumption contributes less to growth. Without corrective measures, Romania could...

November 2018 EM Growth Tracker

EM Growth Tracker at 3.9% 3m/3m sa ar in November. Decline driven by hard data but offset by improved corporate sentiment. Trade volumes improve, but internal demand is still weak. LatAm and EM Asia trackers decline.

November 2018 Global Regulatory Update and Podcast

The November 2018 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on current work streams in regulatory capital, recovery and resolution, accounting, cybersecurity, risk management, digital finance, sustainable finance, AML/CFT, insurance, and upcoming events. 

Economic Views: The Impact of Russia Sanctions

Sanctions depressed capital flows to Russia. Despite banks losing much foreign funding, domestic credit in local currency revived, and lending rates normalized in due course. High reserves cushioned the cost of sanctions, as did robust oil exports and low external debt.



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