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Macro Notes: Is Lower EM Inflation Here to Stay?

Inflation is trending down in many emerging markets. This is partially due to higher central bank credibility. EM inflation has also become increasingly synchronized. Persistently lower inflation could allow for more easing. Risk of reversals and country-specific shocks remains high.

IIF Digital Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 

This note summarizes the major themes and developments from the IIF's Digital Financial Inclusion Summit on November 7th, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

China Views - Slow and Gentle Interest Rate Cuts 

The PBoC recently lowered interest rates for the first time in four years by 5 basis points, remaining more hawkish than its peers. The PBoC is constrained by elevated CPI, uncertain RMB & outflows, and the housing market. We expect additional slow, gradual interest rate cuts in the coming quarters. 

LatAm Views – Growth Implications of Chile’s Wake-Up Call 

Growth underperformance has amplified social demands for change. While protests will weigh on growth, as in other EMs facing social turmoil, several mitigating factors exist. Bolstering a more inclusive agenda is a tall order, and the risk of erosion of macro fundamentals and institutions is high. 

Economic Views: The Drivers of Commodity Currencies

We explore the drivers of commodity currency returns, … focusing on commodity prices, and country/global risk. Prices matter the most where...

GMV: Large Exchange Rate Misalignments in the G10

Last week we updated our EM exchange rate fair value estimates. Large depreciations in recent years corrected sizeable overvaluations, ...  s...

Singapore FinTech Festival 2019 

The IIF’s key observations and takeaways from the fourth Singapore FinTech Festival, held November 11-15. 

AATG Episode 4: Mike Ferguson, S&P Global Ratings’ Director of Sustainable Finance

S&P Global Ratings’ Director of Sustainable Finance, Mike Ferguson, at the IIF's AMM

Weekly Insight: Looking for a fix

ECB tiering—how much help for Europe’s banks?; Low rates spur institutional investors’ appetite for alternatives—now over 25% of U.S. public pension fund allocations; Shift towards renewable energy continues to grow—but there’s a long road ahead; Many major emerging markets remain heavily reliant on coal for power generation—notably South Africa, China and India    

Emerging Markets Bank Lending Conditions Survey - 2019Q2

Lending Conditions Tightening EM bank lending conditions tightened in 2019Q2. Trade finance is the only sub-index easing. All regions except...



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