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Green Weekly Insight: Climate Science is the New Rocket Science

Reflecting the rapidly growing demand for sustainability-themed research, we will from time to time be publishing a Green Weekly Insight focused entirely on ESG and sustainable finance. Comments and suggestions welcome!

GMV: The Inventory Correction in Global Manufacturing

When recession fears were at their most elevated a few months ago, ... we argued that weak manufacturing reflects mostly inventory overhangs, ...&nb...

Macro Notes: EU Structural Funds Boost Growth in CEE

EU structural funds have boosted growth in Eastern Europe, allowing for strong income convergence with the rest of the EU. Cuts in the 2021-27 EU budget will lead to smaller contributions, but a sudden slowdown is unlikely, and convergence will continue.

Iraq: Tough Path to Recovery

Iraq’s path to recovery is inhibited by continuous political instability and a lack of institutional capacity. While the PM has resigned, there is much uncertainty on meeting protesters’ demands for economic and political reforms. The economic recovery from the war has been at a slow pace.

IIF Capital Flows Tracker: Flows to EM Remain Mixed

Portfolio flows to Emerging Markets were $20.3 bn in November. Equity and debt flows were $4.4 bn and $15.9 bn, respectively. Net capital flows into EM were -$23.4 billion in October.

CEEMEA Views: Turkey - Credit Remains the Main Policy Tool

Bank lending remains the main policy tool to boost growth. Macroeconomic imbalances seem manageable at this time. Further stimulus, however, could intensify demand pressures.

IIF Response to FATF Digital Identity Guidance 

On November 27, the IIF submitted a response to the Financial Action Task Force's draft guidance on digital identity. 

Macro Notes: Is Lower EM Inflation Here to Stay?

Inflation is trending down in many emerging markets. This is partially due to higher central bank credibility. EM inflation has also become increasingly synchronized. Persistently lower inflation could allow for more easing. Risk of reversals and country-specific shocks remains high.

IIF Digital Financial Inclusion Summit 2019 

This note summarizes the major themes and developments from the IIF's Digital Financial Inclusion Summit on November 7th, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt.

China Views - Slow and Gentle Interest Rate Cuts 

The PBoC recently lowered interest rates for the first time in four years by 5 basis points, remaining more hawkish than its peers. The PBoC is constrained by elevated CPI, uncertain RMB & outflows, and the housing market. We expect additional slow, gradual interest rate cuts in the coming quarters. 




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