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Weekly Insight: Let a thousand debates bloom

Markets reassess chances for a Fed rate cut this year amid more optimism on trade talks, Chinese growth; Policy backdrop feeds into asset valuation in emerging markets; China may be taking a break from deleveraging, but non-financial corporate debt is still over 150% of GDP and at over 50% of GDP, household debt in China is well above the EM average—and growing strongly

Country Report: Algeria - Era of Change Has Begun

In the face of popular pressure, President Bouteflika stepped down after 20 years in power, yet much uncertainty remains about the transition to a new government. Algeria’s growth model of hydrocarbon-financed public spending is not feasible with low oil prices, and wide-ranging reforms are needed.

Commercial Bank & Central Bank Digital Currencies: Prudential Treatments

Commercial Bank Coins and Central Bank Digital Currencies: Potential Prudential Treatments.

Global Macro Views: Credit-Dependent Growth in Turkey

Another credit expansion has been underway during Q1 of this year, and again coincided with rising volatility in the $/TRY exchange rate. Volatile markets necessitate a shift away from credit-driven growth, to a new growth model with an emphasis on structural reforms.

Global Debt Monitor - April 2019

“Only” $3.3 trillion was added to the global debt mountain last year, bringing the total at over $243 trillion.

IIF Capital Flows Tracker: Softer Flows to EM

Portfolio inflows to Emerging Markets were $25 billion in March. Equity and debt inflows reached $8 billion and $18 billion, respectively. Net capital flows rose into positive territory in February.

FRT Episode 29: Partnering with Start-ups

Barclays UK Ventures CEO Ben Davey joins FRT to discuss banks’ partnerships with FinTech start-ups, sharing his experiences in working to overco...

Weekly Insight: Sense and Sustainability

Sustainable growth high on the policy agenda; Market fragmentation poses risks for scaling up green finance markets; Demographic and social challenges for growth in China point to a decline in savings rates and home sales

Global Macro Views: The EM Positioning Problem

After a decade of super easy monetary policy in the G-3 countries, our data show that an EM positioning overhang may have built up, with successive dovish Fed shifts becoming less and less EM positive. Setting aside China, this latest rebound in flows to EM looks weak, with only Indonesia and Mexico seeing meaningful Q1 inflows.

IIF Response to Preliminary FSB Consultation on SME Financing

The IIF has responded to the initial consultation of the FSB on the effects of financial regulatory reforms on SME financing.




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