Who We Are

The Institute of International Finance is the leading global association of financial institutions, with close to 500 members from more than 70 different countries. Our members include banks, insurance companies, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, central banks, and development banks.

Our mission is to support our members in prudently managing risks and to advocate for regulatory, financial, and economic policies that are in the broad interest of our members and that foster global financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

What We Do


The IIF is the leading voice for the financial services industry on global regulatory issues. We engage continuously and constructively with global standard setters and policymakers through formal submissions and reports, as well as through regular dialogue and high-level symposia.

We help shape the global policy and regulatory agenda by providing industry input and feedback. We focus on issues such as international capital and liquidity standards for banks and insurers, resolution and recovery policy issues, derivatives market rules, international conduct standards, shadow banking, supervision and risk management, and accounting standards, among many others.

Members participate in working groups and committees with industry peers and interact with public sector representatives, facilitated by the IIF.


The IIF offers an independent source of global economic and financial research. We provide a comprehensive assessment of the global outlook with a focus on key emerging economies, timely analysis of capital flows to emerging markets and developments in international financial markets.

We focus on risks and policy challenges, drawing on first-hand insights from our interactions with policymakers and member firms and our close involvement with the global regulatory debate.

Members can tap the IIF’s team of highly experienced, international economists and financial analysts for custom briefings on a range of macro, regional, and country issues.

Our research products include:

Convening power

IIF events are considered the foremost gatherings of the international financial industry.

Our Membership Meetings take place in every region of the world and provide members the opportunity to meet with clients, peers and public officials from around the globe. Our Annual Membership Meeting, held in parallel with the IMF’s annual meeting, attracts more than 2,000 participants from over 80 countries.

The IIF also holds Regional Financial Summits that bring industry players and CEOs, CROs, and Chief Economists together to discuss issues directly impacting their businesses and customers.

We convene private and public sector officials to discuss the latest developments in the global regulatory agenda and global financial markets in a variety of committees, working groups and symposia.

Public and private sector interaction is a hallmark of IIF events.

Shaping the agenda

The technological innovation taking place in the financial industry represents both opportunities and challenges for firms. The IIF contributes by anticipating developments and offering insights to help our members take a proactive, long-term view that will help them adapt and be successful.

Our events showcase IIF members and new players that are at the forefront of digital and mobile services, big data and analytics, cyber security and new business models that will shape the future of our industry. 

Innovation in technology is also an opportunity for firms to reach new clients and bring the billions who lack access to financial services into the formal economy. The IIF features developments and opportunities in the areas of financial inclusion, and sustainable and renewable finance at its global events.

Opportunities for Engagement


We offer a wide range of opportunities to engage with other members, peer companies, and public officials. The IIF runs a large number of regulatory committees and working groups. We also convene several global thematic groups and public-private sector fora.

Corporate Sponsorship

The IIF offers corporate sponsorship opportunities to member firms at its events and meetings. Many firms use this platform to demonstrate their leadership and strengthen relationships with key clients and industry figures.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

IIF Training offers a variety of  excellent global programs designed to provide continuing education and development opportunities to financial services professionals. These programs are offered in key financial centers across the globe.  All programs provide close interaction with respected industry leaders and networking with industry peers and are competitively priced.  We engage with our  members  to ensure that the topics included in the programs are relevant and desirable.