The Institute has recently organized a Working Group to contribute to the growing global debate on Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Finance regulations and their impact not only on banks and asset managers but on global commerce and vulnerable countries in the global financial system. The Working Group responds to official consultations on AML-ATF issues and seeks ways to increase understanding of the industry’s issues when dealing with AML-ATF regulation and enforcement actions. The Institute also works with The Clearing House to organize regular colloquia in London and North America on issues related to AML and ATF regulation, including questions of “de-risking” and financial inclusion, especially in Emerging Market countries. The aim is to seek constructive solutions to AML/ATF problems while minimizing negative fallout effects on the overall economy.

Note 1: The Board of Directors of the Institute, chaired by Douglas Flint, Group Chairman of HSBC Group, defines overall views on regulatory and related issues, as articulated by the Institute to the G20, International Monetary Fund and Financial Stability Board.

Note 2: The working groups listed above may be more or less active at any given time depending on what issues are currently most pressing. In addition, ad-hoc groups may be formed from time to time to respond to specific needs.