The CGIP seeks to identify and promote sound industry practice in the areas of risk management, risk governance, corporate governance and compensation.  It works with the supervisory community in identifying ways in which such practices can be leveraged as part of the supervisory oversight of firms, for example on requirements and practices for gathering and analyzing risk data.

Data Working Group

The Data and IT Issues Working Group focuses on regulatory IT and data requirements on member firms, including interaction with the Basel Committee’s Working Group on Systemically Important Bank Supervision, especially on the interpretation and implementation of the Basel Principles of Risk Data Aggregation; with the FSB in its ongoing Data Gaps Initiative to fill the international data gaps identified in connection with G20 priorities and to develop an international Common Data Template; and with the Senior Supervisors’ Group in its work and pronouncements on data quality and data governance issues.  In general, it organizes efforts to provide a voice for firms at the international level to put forward their views and issues, focusing on integrated and strategic solutions to the many and varied demands on banks’ IT and human resources to meet data and information requirements for regulatory, risk-management, and business purposes.