In July 2015 the Financial Stability Board (FSB) announced that it has decided to postpone finalization of the assessment methodologies for non-bank non-insurer global systemically important financial institutions (NBNI G-SIFIs) until the current FSB work on financial stability risks from asset management activities is completed. The FSB will report on this work to the G20 later this year and will develop activities-based policy recommendations as necessary by spring 2016. The FSB, jointly with IOSCO, will then conduct further analysis and finalize the NBNI G-SIFI asset management assessment methodology. The methodology will focus on any residual entity-based sources of systemic risk from distress or disorderly failure that cannot be effectively addressed by market-wide activities-based policies.

The NBNI WG will involve itself both in the development of activity-based recommendations as well as in the methodology to identify any residual entity-based systemic risk. It remains to be the aim of the Working Group to ensure that any policy measures accurately account for differences between institutions and effectively reduce systemic risk.