Interest Area List Selections

Product Descriptions


  • Capital Flows Tracker: All our current portfolio flows data as well as broader net capital flow estimates, released monthly.

  • Capital Flows to Emerging Markets Report: This flagship report provides a comprehensive assessment and forecasts of flows for 25 emerging markets, released 4 times a year.

  • Capital Market Monitor: Highlights evolving market risks, offering concise, forward-looking analysis, released monthly.

  • Dispatches: Provide concise, real-time commentary on breaking developments from in-country visits.

  • Global Debt Monitor: Tracks debt levels across public and private sectors, including households, financial and non-financial corporates, released quarterly.

  • Global Economic Monitor: Provides an overall survey of the IIF’s key macro views, forecasts and risk analysis on the global economy.

  • Global Macro and Economic Views: Explore current macro topics, highlighting the longer-term challenges for policymakers and market participants across EMs and Developed Markets.

  • EM Growth Tracker: Emerging Market Growth Tracker that provides a very timely estimate of EM real GDP growth, released monthly.  

  • EM Bank Lending Survey: A quarterly survey conducted among banks in emerging markets to better access bank lending conditions.

  • Portfolio Allocation Trends: Takes a close look at leading indicators of investor behavior and changes in asset allocation, examining trends in mutual fund and ETF flows and ownership.

  • Regional Research Notes: Provide timely analysis of development and prospects for key emerging markets, and provide topical cross-country issues and regional outlooks.

  • Weekly Insight: Timely perspective on the week’s events and a preview of what’s coming.

  • IIF Huuge! Podcast with Kristen Silverberg: Everything you need to know about big changes in Washington.

  • CEO Corner: Reflections on what CEO Tim Adams is learning and hearing while on the road or here in Washington.


  • Global Regulatory Update: Monthly publication that the Regulatory Affairs Department releases providing updates on the various regulatory and policy work streams covered by our experts.

  • U.S. Regulatory Tracker: An ongoing effort to provide updates on changes in Washington for financial services regulation, both at the administration and congressional levels.

  • IIF Insurance Update: Monthly newsletter on our latest activities in representing the interests of our members in the insurance sector.