Upcoming Events

Event Date Title Body Location
International Capital Markets and Emerging Markets Roundtable Organized under the auspices of the Group of Trustees of the Principles for Stable Capital Flows and Fair Debt Restructuring, the focus of this year’s Roundtable sessions will be ongoing major policy issues that dominate the public debate.

Washington, DC

2015 IIF Asia Summit

This year’s event will explore a range of issues relevant to bankers, policy-makers, investors, economists, and regulators active in Asia and the Pacific.

Jakarta, Indonesia

2015 Asia Pacific CRO Forum

The forum will bring together risk officers from the Asia Pacific region to exchange ideas and valuable insights on key current topics in risk and their implications for the region.

Jakarta, Indonesia

2015 IIF North America Summit

Featuring global CEOs and Chairmen, key policymakers, and leading economists, day one of the Summit will tackle the impacts of regulation and technology on financial markets and institutions, and the economy. Day Two will focus on the state of the global economy, monetary policy, capital flows and key emerging market countries and risks.

New York, USA

2015 IIF Europe Summit

The Summit will discuss strategies to bring about faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth across Europe, and will be attended by an influential audience of the world’s leading bankers, investors, insurers and policymakers.

Frankfurt, Germany

2015 Annual Membership Meeting

This two-day program will bring together the IIF’s membership, public sector officials, and other key contributors to the global financial community to discuss a variety of issues facing the global financial sector.

Lima, Peru

About IIF Events

IIF events are considered the foremost gatherings of the international financial industry. They take place in every region of the world and provide members the opportunity to meet with clients, peers, and public officials from around the globe. Our Annual Membership Meeting, held in parallel with the IMF’s annual meeting, attracts more than 2,000 participants from over 80 countries.

We hold Regional Meetings that bring CEOs, CROs, and Chief Economists together with other key players to discuss issues directly impacting their businesses and customers. Public and private sector interaction is a hallmark of IIF events.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The IIF offers corporate sponsorship opportunities to member firms at its events and meetings. Many firms use this platform to demonstrate their leadership and strengthen relationships with key clients and industry figures. Contact us at sponsorship@iif.com to discuss a tailored package that meets your firm’s needs.

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