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Green Weekly Insight: Are Rising Energy Prices Affecting EV Sales?

Total global car sales are on track to hit their lowest level since 2010 as global recession fears loom.

Global Macro Views: Questions for the New ECB Anti-Fragmentation Tool

The ECB looks set to unveil its new anti-fragmentation tool at its July meeting. That tool will most likely be a form of QE for specific Euro periph...

Macro Notes: EM Inflation - The End of Great Moderation?

Emerging markets have seen a “great moderation” of inflation in recent years. We see substantial risks of a synchronized reversal as DM inflation spills over. Central banks in EM started hiking rates earlier than those in DM in this cycle. However, with inflation expectations still less anchored in emerging markets, and the share of commodities in EM consumer price baskets much higher, they will have to continue hiking proportionally more than DM going forward.

IIF Responds to SEC Climate Disclosure Proposed Rule

The IIF broadly welcomes the SEC’s initiative under the proposed rule to introduce a benchmark standard for disclosure of climate-related information, with the aim of providing consistent, comparable, and reliable information that is relevant for investors’ decision-making.

Frontier LatAm Views: Growth and External Outlook

Spiking commodity prices will dampen momentum in Frontier LatAm. We have lowered our 2022 growth projection amid the war in Ukraine. Recovery in tourism and still-high remittances would partly mitigate the drag. Higher oil prices and slowing external demand could worsen fiscal and external pressure.

FRT Episode 122: Considering a Digital Dollar and Digital Euro

In this episode of FRT, Jessica Renier, Managing Director of Digital Finance at the Institute of International Finance discusses the IIF's responses to the Federal Reserve Bank and European Commission consultations on a central bank digital currency. The IIF commends the Fed and EC for taking this step forward in considering this momentous issue.

IIF Best Practices for Investor Relations, 2022 Update

Successful investors relations programs (IRP) feature direct communication between sovereign borrowers and market participants. The IIF Best Practices for Investor Relations help define the types of formal communication channels available to country authorities and guide the establishment of this connection with market participants.

Written evidence submitted by the Institute of International Finance for the House of Commons International Development Committee’s Inquiry on Debt Relief in Low-Income Countries

The Institute of International Finance welcomes the opportunity to respond to the House of Commons International Development Committee’s inquiry on debt relief in low-income countries. We commend the Parliament for taking this step in investigating this important issue.

Current Account with Clay Lowery - Episode 14: Will The Food Crisis Be The Next World Health Crisis?

This week, Clay discusses the current food crisis and how world leaders are looking at trade negotiations as a possible solution to ease global food insecurity.

Iraq: The Surge in Oil Prices May Raise Complacency

The country has been in political paralysis without a new government and president since October 2021. We expect growth to accelerate to around 9% in 2022 supported by higher oil prices and production.



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