Technology is driving rapid transformation across the financial services industry. The IIF is leading efforts to help the financial services industry and the public sector understand technology-driven trends reshaping the industry. Our Innovations Team works to explore the implications of blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, increased automation, the rise of mobile, marketplace lending, and other technologies for the industry and regulators. We are also helping lead the effort to support “regtech,” the use of new technologies to meet regulatory and compliance challenges more effectively and efficiently. Our technology events bring together senior public sector officials with industry leaders and leading technology companies. 

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Recent Publications

November 16, 2015
Blockchain technology, once viewed as a profound threat to financial intermediaries, is now being embraced by traditional financial services firms as a way to reengineer...
October 29, 2015
Post-crisis financial regulations have dramatically increased challenges and costs for the financial sector related to compliance, reporting and supervisory requests.
August 6, 2015
Despite pilot programs in the past along with efforts to spur micro finance, Indonesia continues to lag far behind its peers in financial inclusion, but there is now a...
July 24, 2015
Cross-asset: Lower market volatility has facilitated some recovery in risk assets. However, correlations across EM currencies and bonds remain elevated, reflecting...
June 25, 2015
Risk rally stalls as markets focus on Fed, GreeceQE made in Frankfurt gets good reviewsGlobal Growth - A mixed bag
June 25, 2015
Despite well-meaning initiatives in the past, India has lagged behind in financial inclusion.

Industry Spotlight

The Opportunities and Challenges of Fintech

US Fed Gov. Lael Brainard delivered extensive remarks on fintech today at the Fed’s Conference on Financial Innovation.

U.S. regulator proposes granting federal charters to online lenders

OCC director Thomas Curry proposed granting online lenders a "special purpose charter” to do business nationwide.

Blockchain group R3 joins the open source trend

R3 CEV released their Corda distributed ledger code for open use by outside groups.