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IIF Steering Committee on Regulatory Capital (SCRC)

The SCRC is the senior group in charge of leading and coordinating the efforts of the Institute in the area of regulatory capital and liquidity requirements. It plays a central role in leading industry responses to the Basel III reform proposals and engaging in dialogue with the Basel Committee. With the new framework in place, the SCRC is focusing on coordinating the industry dialogue with regulators during the monitoring and observation periods of Basel III, stressing the significant open questions, seeking clarification where necessary, responding to revisions being proposed in significant aspects of Basel III, and raising fundamental issues when opportune to do so. This Committee will also work in collaboration with the SCER (see below) on systemically relevant institutions’ issues.


Working Group on Capital Adequacy (WGCA) 

The WGCA interfaces with several of the Basel Committee’s sub-groups to address technical issues, especially in regard to credit risk, leverage and capital, including related issues such as large exposures. 


Working Group on Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) 

The IRRBB Working Group interfaces with the Basel Committee’s Task Force on IRRBB (TFIR) to address technical issues related to the regulatory capital requirement for IRRBB.


Working Group on Market Risk (WGMR)

The WGMR interfaces with the Basel Committee’s working group on the Trading Book to address technical issues related to revision of the Basel requirements on market risk.


Working Group on Liquidity (WGL)

The WGL develops positions on liquidity issues for debate with the Basel Committee and other official-sector entities; it is focused making industry suggestions on still-pending major issues, such as rules for linked transactions and derivatives under the Net Stable Funding Ratio and liquidity disclosure. 


Working Group on Operational Risk (WGOR)

The WGOR interfaces with the Basel Committee’s Standards Implementation Group on Operational Risk on issues related to operational risk in the Basel Accord.


Disclosure Working Group

The Disclosure Working Group provides a voice for banks on global risk disclosure issues.  The Group continues to sustain dialogue with the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (EDTF), to support the IIF’s role as an observer-member of the EDTF. The EDTF is a multi-sector stakeholders’ group, organized at the behest of the FSB, which has published recommendations on improving risk disclosures of banks.  Now, the Group has added focus on the Basel Committee’s revision of Pillar 3 disclosures. It also seeks constructive ways to improve disclosure in the global industry, including reducing redundant or outmoded disclosures.  The staff provides liaison between the Disclosure Working Group and the Senior Accounting Group.

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