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IIF Staff Paper on Expectations for Biden’s Approach to Financial Regulatory Policy 

The IIF has prepared a brief paper on our expectations for the incoming Biden administration’s approach to financial regulatory policy in advance of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Weekly Insight: Heyday for EM Corporate Eurobonds

EM corporates have racked up $4 trillion in FX debt since 2007, bringing total FX exposure to $7 trillion; More in store:  current USD weakness—with no Fed rate hike seen pre-2025—sets the stage for continued buildup in FX debt; EM corporate eurobond issuance reached $380 billion in 2020, up 10% from 2019; a record 95% of that was in USD; Most of this issuance was driven by non-financial corporates ($220bn), especially in China ($68 billion)

Global Macro Views: Taper Tantrum Risk in 2021

The global economy feels like back in 2010 after the Great Recession. Back then, the big central banks had eased and were locking in “low-for-...

FRT Episode 84: Machine Learning Governance

Rachel Bailey, a senior manager specializing in machine learning in model risk and validation at Lloyds Banking Group, joins us on FRT to discuss key findings from our recent Machine Learning Governance study.

China Spotlight: U.S. Sanctions: Lessons from the Russia Case 

Tensions and disputes between the U.S. and China are likely to continue, possibly resulting in further sanctions. We focus on lessons learned from the U.S. sanctions policy towards Russia, and what those could mean for U.S. sanctions towards Hong Kong or China. 

Economic Views: EM Fiscal Deficits

Fiscal deficits in most EMs widened sharply last year, … due to substantially higher spending to a large extent. Deficit reduction hence re...

IIF response to IAIS AP on Supervision of Climate-Related Risks

On January 11, the IIF submitted its response to the IAIS/SIF consultation on the Application Paper on the Supervision of Climate-related Risks.

Response to FSB Discussion Paper on Outsourcing and Third-Parties

The IIF submitted comments on the FSB’s discussion paper, "Regulatory and Supervisory Issues Relating to Outsourcing and Third-Party Relationships." 

Weekly Insight: Debt Clouds Over the Post-COVID Recovery

As the mountain of negative-yielding debt hits new record highs, EM sovereigns continue to benefit from the search for yield ; Emerging markets set to rely increasingly on USD borrowing as abundant global central bank liquidity persists; China has significantly cut back its lending to low-income countries

Capital Flows Tracker: Back From the Brink (December 2020)

Portfolio flows to EM stood at $45.9 bn in December. Equity and debt inflows were $29.3 bn and $16.6 bn. China equity flows posted $13.2 bn in inf...



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