IIF Welcomes Progress on EU Single Market and Capital Markets Union

April 29, 2024

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) welcomes the latest discussions from the European Council meeting on 17-18 April, where EU leaders affirmed their commitment to enhancing the EU's economic competitiveness.

IIF President and CEO Tim Adams commented, "An expanded and cohesive European capital market is vital for the EU's competitive edge on the global stage. We are at a critical juncture where the maturation of EU member state capital markets into a unified and substantial market is more pressing than ever. The future growth and competitive stance of the region depend on it."

The IIF sees the Council's focus on both deepening the single market and advancing the Capital Markets Union (CMU) as crucial for establishing a globally competitive and prosperous Eurozone economy.

"We are encouraged by the renewed emphasis on enhancing the single market and the strides toward financial integration necessary for achieving the EU’s strategic objectives,” said Adams. “We eagerly anticipate further details on the CMU project's expansion into a Savings and Investments Union and strongly urge EU legislators to take forward the European Council’s resolve in shaping the Union’s strategic agenda."

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