Headshot of Martín Castellano

Martín Castellano

Head of LATAM Research

Martin Castellano joined the IIF as a Senior Economist in June 2011 after more than a decade at the Central Bank of Argentina delivering applied macroeconomic research. At the Central Bank he held a number of key senior positions, including the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Deputy Head of Economic Research and Executive Counselor to the Governor between 1999 and 2010. Mr. Castellano has actively taken part in international central bank gatherings delivering presentations on macroeconomic issues to a variety of audiences.

Previously, as a GFOA Cecil Partee Fellow and Management Fellow, he advised several local governments in the United States on public finance and economic policy. In addition, he carried out macroeconomic research at several consultant firms in Buenos Aires and he served as professor of macroeconomic theory and applied analysis at a number of universities in Argentina.


Mr. Castellano holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Chicago, a Master in Economics from CEMA University in Buenos Aires and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Argentine Catholic University.


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