This edition of DataTalk dove into the pivotal role data regulation plays across BigTech, Platformization, and Financial Services transformation as they become increasingly intertwined. Data-driven approaches in finance have revolutionized product offerings and driven efficiency with AI accelerating these trends as financial institutions leverage foundational models and new services from BigTech. Tech platform companies built their business model on data and hyper scale. The regulatory response to these business models, and the concentration of market power, is reshaping the landscape for the complex and multi-dimensional tech-finance relationship. Regulations for data privacy practices, competition dynamics, and consumer protection measures are all having an effect on the landscape for financial service innovation as regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), DMA (Digital Markets Act), UK DMCC (Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers) Bill, Indian Digital Competition Bill, and others emerge globally.

This edition of DataTalk explored strategies, challenges, and opportunities arising from these regulatory shifts, navigating the evolving intersection of technology, finance, and how regulation is impacting innovation in finance. Thought leaders and experts introduced the topics and issues followed by a moderated dialogue open to all member firm participants to share views and exchange insights.

Please note that this event was conducted under the Chatham House Rule. For inquiries, please contact Lokesh Bulchandani ([email protected]).