The Commonsense Conversations on Climate Change Series explores and highlights a wide array of topics related to climate change focusing on its effects on the financial services industry and broader economy. Initiating these dialogues is critical given the unique capability of financial institutions and markets to effectively identify risks and fund solutions. Though the topics vary, they each present ways to encourage a pragmatic, commonsense approach to the transition to a low-carbon and ultimately net-zero economy.

In March, President Biden unveiled the $2T American Jobs Plan—a blueprint which, among other things, lays the groundwork to upgrade our national infrastructure system to make it greener and more efficient. Both the public and private sectors have an essential role to play in trying to meet these ambitious goals. We were delighted to host Dr. Morteza Farajian, Executive Director of the Build America Bureau at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and Laura Dove, Director of Government Relations at Ford, for a discussion on how their respective organizations are developing new infrastructure projects and transforming industries (e.g. through the development of electric vehicles) to deliver expanded and affordable access to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation network for rural and urban communities across the country while also providing new commercial opportunities.