The 2021 IIF Digital Currency Roundtable was held online on Tuesday, April 6. This meeting brought together leading voices from the industry and the public sector to share perspectives and current thinking on new developments in digital currency and the issues they present.

Money Evolving
Digital currencies continue to develop with more mainstream adoption and regulatory modernization. The central banks of the world are making a concerted effort to regain leadership in this digital future of money as they evaluate, test and deploy digital currencies while updating payment systems to keep pace with the digital economy. Decisions being made on design considerations today could significantly reshape roles and responsibilities for the future of finance as new systems are established and formats set.

This evolution of money raises issues to be explored including the potential for bank disintermediation, increased currency competition, questions of interoperability, the risks from new decentralized models, and questions about the overall benefit; however, money cannot stand still. Digital transformation of the economy is accelerating and the potential for digital currency to drive growth through innovation, efficiency, and inclusion need to be pursued.

This event was by invitation-only.