We were delighted to partner with Fitch Ratings for the launch of our latest IIF Global Debt Monitor which was hosted online on November 22, 2022.

This event featured an IIF staff presentation on the main takeaways from our flagship Global Debt Monitor - Crisis Brewing. Following the presentation, our expert panel will focus on key policy and economic developments shaping the outlook, including rising debt vulnerabilities across Europe and emerging markets, high inflation, surging borrowing costs and the return of the bond vigilantes. We also covered key takeaways from COP27 and the discussions around debt and climate in Sharm El Sheikh.

+ Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, IIF

Presentation - IIF Global Debt Monitor
+ Emre Tiftik, Director of Sustainability Research, IIF

Panel Discussion

+ Joyce Chang, Chair of Global Research, J.P. Morgan Corporate & Investment Bank
+ Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, IIF (moderator)
+ James McCormack, Managing Director and Global Head of Sovereign & Supranational Ratings, Fitch Ratings
+ Yerlan Syzdykov, Global Head of Emerging Markets, Amundi
+ Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

For questions or more information about this event, please contact [email protected].