In March 2023 the US banking sector experienced its second and third largest bank failures. Among different factors, liquidity played a significant role. In particular, technology and digitalization facilitated the rapid withdrawal of customer deposits, at speeds never experienced before. Similarly, challenges in the access and use of central bank emergency liquidity facilities were widely experienced. In light of these events, the industry and the regulatory community have begun a process of analysis of potential lessons learned across different areas including banks management of liquidity risk, the adequacy of existing liquidity regulations (including the Basel LCR), the effectiveness of central bank liquidity tools and the design and features of deposit insurance.

In order to discuss these issues, the IIF and PwC organized an interactive panel discussion with industry experts who engaged in dialogue exploring the implications of last year's turmoil, assessed current bank liquidity management practices, and analyzed the existing regulatory framework as well as the functioning of central bank liquidity facilities.

+ Chris Tsingos, Partner, PwC
+ Andres Portilla, Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs, IIF

Confirmed Speakers:
+ Jill Cetina, Industry and Regulatory Expert, (Formerly with Moody's Investor Services, Federal Reserve, OCC and US Treasury)
+ Rajashree Datta, Partner/Managing Director, Global Head of Finance Risk, Goldman Sachs
+ Bill Dudley, Senior Advisor, Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies at Princeton University; Former President, New York Fed
+ Al Moffitt, Global Treasurer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Should you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Hillary Veals ([email protected]).