The IIF Digital Finance team was pleased to host a session on Quantum Computing and Financial Services on Wednesday, December 6. We heard from subject matter experts on a range of topics, including potential applications of quantum computing and quantum information technology in the context of financial services, anticipated challenges to adoption and deployment of quantum tools and technologies, risks presented to current system infrastructure and cryptography by the rise of quantum, and likely policy considerations to arise from the development of this technology. This event examined efforts in various jurisdictions and by independent entities to advance quantum technologies and related technical standards. As the IIF and its members plan for 2024, we anticipate a rapid increase in the level of familiarity required of the financial industry as quantum computing advances and we contemplate the next steps along its development. Featured institutions included NIST, AWS, BIS Innovation Hub, Moody’s, Santander, and others.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Emma Handel at [email protected].