We were pleased to host Financing Sustainable Transportation which was part of our COP Talks series. This series built on the themes and ambitions of COP27, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh on November 6 - 18. The financial services industry is an integral player in the quest to achieve a net-zero economy and to support broader sustainable development goals, and our COP Talks covered some of the toughest yet most important issues facing the industry.

Greening the global transportation sector—which accounts for some 20% of all carbon emissions worldwide—is a top priority in national and international climate policy discussion, including COP27. The shift to sustainable transportation, in sectors including aviation, rail and shipping as well as commercial and passenger vehicles, will reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, and improve access to reliable, affordable transport options. Amid ongoing geopolitical strains—and growing concerns about energy security and independence—how can we transform our transportation infrastructure to be climate-resilient, socially inclusive and technologically advanced? What are the best new financing models for sustainable transportation?

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Featured Speakers

<b>Amy Bann</b>
Head of Supply and Ecosystem
<b>Matt Borys</b>
Treasurer and Head of Capital Markets
Atlas Corp.
<b>Elizabeth Cabot</b>
Head of Transportation & Logistics Investment Banking
Wells Fargo
<b>Sonja Gibbs</b>
Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance
<b>Detlev Mohr</b>
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company, Inc.