As part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series, we were delighted to host the Realizing the Digital Promise webinar, which we scheduled specifically for our Europe and Americas-East audiences.

Digital transformation is no longer just a “nice to have,” nor is it entirely about technology. For financial institutions, digital transformation is also about improving the customer experience, employee experience, and business economics. It’s become essential, and even more so with COVID-19.

To understand what digital transformation success can look like in financial services, the IIF and Deloitte have gathered insights from more than 80 executives and transformation leaders, from across banks, insurers, regulators and supervisors, and policy makers around the world. In our Realizing the Digital Promise series, our first report Top Nine Challenges to Digital Transformation for Financial Institutions highlighted the major barriers and pitfalls along the digital transformation journey, while our supplemental article Digital Transformation and COVID Adaptation profiled how the forced adaptation with the COVID-19 environment may ultimately result in greater openness to transformational initiatives. Our upcoming second report examines the key enablers for financial institutions in overcoming the challenges, including customer centricity, organizational foundations, the requisite talent and culture for an innovation mindset, execution capabilities and external collaboration.

This webinar featured a presentation from the IIF and Deloitte on these challenges and enablers in the digital transformation journey, and was complemented by discussion from leading practitioners.


  • Greg Baxter, Chief Digital Officer, MetLife
  • Chris Skinner, Financial Market and Fintech Commentator
  • Tanvi Singh, Managing Director, Chief Analytics Officer, Global Compliance and Regulatory, Credit Suisse