As part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series, we were delighted to host the Data Connectivity Across Borders webinar.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the criticality of cross-border data movement as a key element of ensuring resilience and continuity. Nevertheless, data localization restrictions in some jurisdictions can have significant impacts for the financial services sector, including in risk management, cyber security, AML, and access to financial services and markets. These issues present important considerations that need to be balanced with the well-intended underlying policy goals (data protection, national security or regulatory supervision and law enforcement) that often underpin such restrictions. This panel explored these issues, together with the roles of international trade agreements, regulatory cooperation, and data protection policies.


  • Yan Carriere-Swallow, Economist, IMF
  • Rakshit Kapoor, Group Chief Data Officer, HSBC
  • Samm Sacks, Cybersecurity Policy and China Digital Economy Fellow, New America
  • Matt Swinehart, Director of the Office of International Financial Markets, US Department of Treasury


  • Brad Carr, Managing Director, Digital Finance, IIF

This was an exclusive discussion for IIF members, partners and officials, and was conducted under the Chatham House rule.