The 2021 IIF Annual Membership Meeting (AMM): Sustainable Economic Growth and Financial Stability in a Diverging, Decarbonizing, Digitizing, Indebted World was held via livestream from Monday, October 11 - Friday, October 15.

The 5-day program included the IIF's hallmark "Views from the C-Suite" and ”In Conversation with Policymakers” sessions alongside discussions on sustainable finance, digital finance and innovation, the global regulatory agenda, and the economic outlook in developed and emerging markets. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions of speakers, network with peers, and hear from some of the most influential voices across the global financial industry.


Featured Speakers

<b>Alexey Zabotkin</b>
Deputy Governor
Bank of Russia
<b>Tomoko Amaya</b>
Vice Minister for
International Affairs,

Financial Services Agency, Japan
<b>Arif Amiri</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
Dubai International Financial Centre Authority
<b>Rita Babihuga-Nsanze</b>
Chief Economist and Head of Strategy,
Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)
<b>Ana Botín</b>
Group Executive Chairman,
Grupo Santander
<b>Heather Boushey</b>
Member of the Council of Economic Advisers,
The White House
<b>Sarah Breeden</b>
Executive Director
for Financial Stability
Strategy and Risk,

Bank of England
<b>José Manuel Campa</b>
European Banking Authority
<b>Agustín Carstens</b>
General Manager,
Bank for International Settlements
<b>Joyce Chang</b>
Chair of Global Research,
J.P. Morgan Corporate & Investment Bank
<b>Richard Clarida</b>
Vice Chairman,
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
<b>Gary Cohn</b>
Vice Chairman,
<b>Jamie Dimon</b>
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer,

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
<b>Dietrich Domanski</b>
Secretary General,
Financial Stability Board
<b>John Dugan</b>
Citigroup Inc.
<b>Andrea Enria</b>
Chair, Supervisory Board,
European Central Bank
<b>Robert Fauber</b>
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Moody’s Corporation
<b>Laurence Fink</b>
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer,

BlackRock, Inc.
<b>Stephanie Flanders</b>
Senior Executive Editor
for Economics,

Bloomberg News
<b>Gek Choo Goh</b>
Executive Director, Banking Department II,
Monetary Authority of Singapore
<b>Fernanda Guardado</b>
Deputy Governor for International Affairs and Corporate Risk Management,
Banco Central do Brasil (BCB)
<b>Pablo Hernández De Cos</b>
Governor, Bank of Spain;
Chairman, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
<b>Celine Herweijer</b>
Group Chief
Sustainability Officer,

<b>Glenn Hubbard</b>
Dean Emeritus of Columbia Business School and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics,
Columbia University
<b>Klaas Knot</b>
De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.
<b>Melissa Koide</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
<b>Fabián Kon</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
Banco Galicia
<b>Philip Lane</b>
Member of the Executive Board,
European Central Bank
<b>Jean Lemierre</b>
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
BNP Paribas
<b>Nellie Liang</b>
Undersecretary for Domestic Finance,
U.S. Department of the Treasury
<b>Sue Lloyd</b>
Vice Chair of IASB & Chair
of the IFRS Interpretations Committee
<b>Kara Mangone</b>
Global Head,
Climate Strategy,

Goldman Sachs
<b>François-Louis Michaud</b>
Executive Director,
European Banking Authority
<b>Kanetsugu Mike</b>
Chairman, Central Banks and Supervisors,
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MUFG
<b>Juan Carlos Mora Uribe</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
<b>Brian Moynihan</b>
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board,
Bank of America
<b>Sri Mulyani</b>
Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance,
<b>Kuben Naidoo</b>
Deputy Governor,
South African Reserve Bank
<b>Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala</b>
Director General,
World Trade Organization
<b>Catherine Parry</b>
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
<b>Douglas Peterson</b>
President and Chief Executive Officer,
S&P Global
<b>Wendy Redshaw</b>
Chief Digital Information Officer, Retail Banking,
NatWest Group
<b>Carmen Reinhart</b>
Vice President and Chief Economist,
World Bank Group
<b>Anne Richards</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
Fidelity International
<b>Charles Scharf</b>
Chief Executive Officer and President,
Wells Fargo & Company
<b>David Schwimmer</b>
Chief Executive Officer,
London Stock Exchange Group
<b>Atsi Sheth</b>
Managing Director,
Credit Strategy and Research Global Head,
Emerging Markets,

Moody’s Investors Service
<b>Daleep Singh</b>
Deputy National Security Advisor, International Economics and Deputy Director,
National Economic Council
<b>Cecilia Skingsley</b>
Deputy Governor,
<b>Jennifer Stott</b>
Chief Data Officer,
Royal Bank of Canada
<b>Lawrence H. Summers</b>
President Emeritus and Charles W. Eliot Professor,
Harvard University
<b>Sethaput Suthiwartnarueput</b>
Bank of Thailand
<b>Olaug Svarva</b>
Board Chair,
DNB Bank
<b>Kay Swinburne</b>
U.K. Vice Chair of Financial Services,
<b>Jessica Tan</b>
Group Co-CEO and Group Executive Director
Ping An Group
<b>Keiko Tashiro</b>
Member of the Board, Deputy President
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
<b>Gillian Tett</b>
Chair of Editorial Board and U.S. Editor-At-Large,
Financial Times
<b>Carlos Torres Vila</b>
<b>Sim Tshabalala</b>
Group Chief Executive,
Standard Bank Group
<b>Mark Tucker</b>
Group Chairman,
HSBC Holdings Plc.
<b>Shriti Vadera</b>
Prudential plc
<b>Annerie Vreugdenhil</b>
Chief Innovation Officer,
<b>Axel Weber</b>
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
UBS Group AG; Chairman, IIF
<b>Clare Woodman</b>
Head of EMEA and Chief Executive Officer,
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc
<b>Daniel Yergin</b>
Vice Chairman, IHS Markit and Founder,