The relationship between the United States and China has been on a downward trajectory for a while now and there is no end in sight. While the political season continues to heat up, President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden will continue to play the “China card,” which may result in a game of one-up-manship – who can “out Hawk” who? But putting aside the rhetoric surrounding the relationship, we need to consider what a true path forward between the two countries might look like. Will there be a further deterioration – how much worse could it get? Or are there still areas where our interests may align, which could lay the groundwork for a more positive course in the future? Our distinguished panelists discussed these and other topics in an effort to bring context and nuance to what is still one of the most important bilateral relationships for the United States.

Clay Lowery, Executive Vice President of Research and Policy at IIF, moderated the event, and featured: Dr. Evan Medeiros, Penner Family Chair in Asian Studies and the Cling Family Senior Fellow in US-China Relations, Georgetown University; Mr. Leland Miller, Chief Executive Officer, China Beige Book; and Ms. Susan Thornton, Visiting Lecturer in Law and Senior Fellow, Paul Tsai China Center, Yale University. ???????