We are delighted to partner with Fitch Ratings for our IIF Global Debt Monitor. 

This one-hour event on Wednesday February 22 featured a short staff presentation on the main takeaways from our flagship Global Debt Monitor: A Many-Faceted Crisis.  Following the presentation, our expert panel focused on key policy, market and economic developments shaping the outlook, including debt management challenges for mature market economies, strains in corporate debt markets and pockets of acute debt vulnerability in emerging and frontier markets.  With a softer U.S. dollar and easing inflationary pressures, we also considered the implications of a rebound in global investor appetite for emerging and frontier market debt, as well as trends in domestic debt markets.

+ Clay Lowery, Executive Vice President, IIF

Presentation - IIF Global Debt Monitor
+ Emre Tiftik, Director of Sustainability Research, IIF

Panel Discussion
+ Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, IIF (moderator)
+ Moritz Kraemer, Chief Economist, LBBW
+ Ed Parker, Managing Director, Head of Global Sovereign Research, Fitch Ratings
+ Nathan Sheets, Global Chief Economist, Citi
+ Denise Simon, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Debt, Lazard Asset Management

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Featured Speakers

<b>Sonja Gibbs</b>
Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance
Institute of International Finance
<b>Moritz Kraemer</b>
Chief Economist
<b>Clay Lowery</b>
Executive Vice President
Institute of International Finance
<b>Ed Parker</b>
Managing Director, Head of Sovereign Research
Fitch Ratings
<b>Nathan Sheets</b>
Global Chief Economist
<b>Denise Simon</b>
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Debt
Lazard Asset Management
<b>Emre Tiftik</b>
Director of Sustainability Research
Institute of International Finance