We were delighted to partner with UBS for a special series focused on China’s financial sector. The event was timed to accommodate IIF's Asia-Pacific audience on Thursday, March 18. The kickoff event ‘China's Financial Market Liberalization’ focused on China’s opening up and what it means for the wider financial services industry.

In 2020, China began to allow full foreign ownership of more financial services companies and ownership caps for securities, life insurers, futures and mutual fund companies have been removed; however, global financial institutions still find the market challenging. What do these new developments mean in reality for foreign financial institutions doing business in China? What are some of the key challenges and opportunities they face? How should global and Chinese financial institutions work with one another?

Confirmed Speakers Included:

  • Hongshan Chen, President and Chief Executive Officer, S&P Global (China) Ratings
  • David Dollar, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
  • Kun Wang, Deputy General Manager, International Banking Department, ICBC
  • Tao Wang, Head of Asia Economics and Chief China Economist, UBS
  • Freddy Wong, Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific, Fixed Income, Invesco